BRIDGING THE GAP: Jazz/Classical Crossover
This Jazz/Classical crossover program features a unique blend of classical repertoire, jazz compositions, and classical pieces performed in a jazz style, and original pieces written for the Capitol Quartet. 

Quatuor - Alfred Desenclos (1912-1971)  
-III. Poco largo - Allegro

The Mechanics - Six from the Shop Floor (2013) - Carter Pann (b. 1972)
-Drive Train
Commissioned and Premiered by Capitol Quartet, 2016 Pulitzer Prize Finalist

All-Terrain Vehicle (2015) -Andrew Bishop (b. 1970)
-I. The Long Road
-II. Two Lane
-III. Off Road
Commissioned and Premiered by Capitol Quartet

Quatuor - Faustin and Maurice Jeanjean
-I. Gaiete Villageois
-II. Doux Paysage
-III. Papillons

Simple Gifts - traditional, arr. Mike Crotty

Fugue Well-Tempered - Bach/Stambler

Rock Formations (2015) - Evan Hause (b. 1967)
-I. Crystal
-II. Obsidian
Commissioned and Premiered by Capitol Quartet

Premiere Quatuor, Op. 10 - Claude Debussy, arr. V. David
-I. Animato et molto deciso
-II. Vivament et ben ritmico
-III. Andantino, dolcemente espressivo
-IV. Molto moderato

It Don't Mean A Thing If It Ain't Got That Swing - Duke Ellington, arr. Stambler